The Eagle’s Nest

Statement: Lets go for an outing… Somewhere outdoors, pool if possible, not too busy
Response: Yeah!!, let’s see who is in
Question: where do we go?
Action: search for places
Realisation: Arendsnes is an option
Action again: ignore realisation, search more frantically
Suggestion: there is Arendsnes (eventually meekly made by someone from the search party)
Dismiss idea: No! let’s look some more (futile given the time of year, short notice and criteria the location needs to meet).
Denial: There has to be another option (willing it to be true)
Acceptance: Can’t find anywhere else (can’t find a better venue is the actual translation – there definitely are other places that can be chosen)
Conclusion: Go to Arendsnes (make vow to plan earlier next time for busy periods so that other destinations can be found)

The scenario above played out when family members were planning an outing and looking for a venue this week. One would be forgiven for thinking that the location referred to is an unattractive one. On the contrary, it is a beautiful, scenic venue, located on the banks of the Vaal river.

It happened because we end up going there a lot.

Arendsnes is an Afrikaans name translated as Eagle's nest (if my second language learnings at school are to be trusted).

If you are reading this post under the impression that it was about an actual eagle; my apologies. You would probably only be less disappointed than whoever thought the nearby Lion Lodge had lions.

Cheetahs Den is a good name if anyone is thinking of opening a lodge in that vicinity; if you want to follow with the theme though, just; you know; don’t keep any cheetahs.

Legend has it that on a dark and stormy night, the owner Oom Neils got the idea to turn his farm into a lodge after seeing how visitors wanted to use the premises for fly fishing.

It probably wasn’t dark and stormy, just made that part up. Might not even have been at night….Anyways, moving along swiftly, here is a pic of the place.

Reflection: always a good venue to go to for a relaxing day : ) (We will be back)

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