What’s in a əɯɐu?

In news that is designed to either shock, surprise, or cause complete indifference; comes a story about someone who lost a potential job offering based on…… her blog title (gasps)

It gets darker; much darker dear friends; for the misunderstood title that the lady had chosen was called the Recovering Procrastinator (more gasps and confusion).

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, that is because it is the title chosen by another distinguished and articulate writer.

Check his work out by clicking the home link above and read all of his posts for some semi impressive work some of the time.

I came across the lady’s story and her blog after searching Twitter to see how commonly used the term was as mentioned here. Her story of the event can be found in this post.

To clarify, the title was notThe Killer Psycho, The Delusional Drug Peddler or even the The Incompetent Worker (more gasps, false alarm).

Do you think the employer’s irrational and unreasonable action was excessive? (goes to update his title)

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