Petty Beef ⚽ 🥩

The world is seemingly awash with questionable ethics, dubious actions and all manner of general shitty-ness. It seems as though when the tap containing blemished behaviour was turned on, people rushed forward and filled their containers to the brim.

Yep, it’s all dark and gloomy in here today, like the depths of Mordor… here’s a rainbow emoji 🌈 to try to lighten things up a bit.

Blame ESPN for providing the motivation to think about humanity’s capacity for darkness. That’s right – ESPN – provider of fine sporting content and so much more.

Their shithousery may not seem significant; for sure; but directly browsing their football site has made me consider abject human behaviour in general.

This is not an attempt to trivialize legitimate evil that exists in the world. ESPN has however provided evidence of how gain and advancement for self/ilk/tribe act as a motivator.

Exhibit A

When going to I am redirected to No problem.
I get local football stories. No problem.
I also see lots of articles about Christian Pulisic. Not so much a problem.
A lot of these articles have the words ‘US star‘ preceding his name. Problem.

I have no issue with Pulisic. The issue is with ESPN, No other player is referred to in this manner as far as I am aware, and even if they are, certainly not as consistently. If he wasn’t a US player, would his country of representation precede his name?

I wonder if Portuguese star Ronaldo or Argentinan star Messi would like to be afforded the same honour. How about Ecuador’s Valencia or Jamaica’s Sinclair.

Exhibit B

A series of articles was recently initiated titled ‘Pulisic Watch How US star is doing at Chelsea, game by game’.

Excuse that sound; it’s just me throwing up in my mouth.

111 nations have been represented in the English Premier League consisting of 2 280 players between 1992-93 to 2019-20 according to We can easily guess how many of the players, throughout all those years have had detailed analysis about their performances on a per game basis.

This analysis on Pulisic would be of interest to US readers I’m sure. I’m not one of them and ESPN knows the country from which I am accessing their site.

Exhibit C

At times a big chunk of the homepage of ESPN’s football site is given for MLS (American League) info.

Even biased articles ranking the best leagues in the world, have other leagues like the Chinese Super League or the Dutch Eredivisie rated higher than the MLS. This would then imply that these leagues should get more coverage.


Exhibit D

Nicol and Burley.

They don’t fit in with this narrative; but damn those two pundits seem so bitter; all the time. It’s an art.

– – –

I understand that ESPN is American owned; so maybe this is all a storm in a teacup; and my anger is misplaced. They could just be sharing content that was created for the US reader possibly. What do you think?

I feel that this shouldn’t excuse a billion dollar organisation that has global reach; content per geography and one that aims to provide superior service from being held to a higher account.

Two choices for me then; either ignore the articles I don’t want to see (also gag a little every time) or find an alternative news source.

Anyone know a good football site to follow for reliable EPL news.

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