Make a diff✍️

Due to the corona virus, I haven’t been writing on this platform for a while. I haven’t contracted it thankfully; rather I avoided writing as I felt that writing about anything else would seem inconsequential.

The speed in which events have unfolded – lockdowns, increases in infection rates, deja-vu from every apocalyptic movie ever seen; has left me, as I’m sure others, dazed. I’m also befuddled generally so this makes for a very confused writer 😝.

It has also taken a while to adjust to working from home; to communicating differently, and also to ensuring that there is some semblance of personal grooming while in lockdown (I miss the fortnightly visits to my barber and the magic he does terribly 😢).

And yet that is but a minor consequence. People have lost loved ones. We fear for the elderly. This battle is far from over.

Personally the last few weeks have been a blur of online work meetings and a dizzying increase in online messaging. Meaning lots of effort, not much output and a definite loss of focus, like the time….. arrgh can’t remember now.

There’s a point to this post (besides bad jokes) and that is, that this is the time to show our humanity. If you are a landlord – kindness and leniency to your tenants; if you are someone who employs staff that may not be working now – mercy and assistance to them; if you know of people around you who may be struggling – a duty to help.

If you do know of new jokes – a time to share with me. I jest of course ☺ ….. (Psst only send good ones)

Seriously though, the financial burden and implications of our new reality are extremely harsh on many. I live in a country where the majority live on a day by day basis in normal times which makes the need to help even greater – so this is a message for myself foremost .

Wherever you may be, stay safe and make a difference.

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