Where there is 🔥

Where there is smoke, there is….. an illegal smoker. Possibly. That is, if you live in South Africa.

Not some illicit drug being referred to here. The common cigarette is at the centre of a saga that has dragged on from the beginning of the country’s lockdown.

With a puff, the government instated legislation that made the selling of tobacco products illegal. More than sixty days later; still no ashpected lifting of the ban; no light at the end of this tobaccoless tunnel.

Butt why would this come into effect? Apparently for curbing the spread of covid. A seemingly nonsensical blow to the country’s 7 million+ smokers.

I asked one reader of this esteemed and illustrious blog to describe in one word how that made her feel. ‘This is complete and utter bullsh*t. The government can go….’ The interview was nipped at this critical junction. She was clearly lit.

Allegations around the real reason for the ban and those that stand to gain from it seem believable, but are unfounded. Best for me to pipe down in that regard.

In the meantime it seems that the black market is flourishing. The price of a pack allegedly quadrupling. Not pulling your leg. Brands previously unheard of also seen on the streets.

What would you do, if you were a smoker in these circumstances unable to match what you need?

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