Unlocked πŸ”“ and unravelled

I’ve been in lockdown for; checks notes; an eternity.

South Africa has different lockdown levels. Level 5 was a full lockdown. Over time there has been a gradual easing of restrictions. We are currently on some variant of level 3, let’s call it Level 3.3.78b – the unbanning of alcohol has been reversed, cigarettes are still banned, you can once again sit down at restaurants.

At the current level the country also got confirmation on something we were deadly certain on and had absolutely zero doubts about; an affirmation of our collective knowledge – the country is beset with corruption and nepotism.

The staggering thing this time though is that 500 billion rands ($26.3 billion) in relief funds have been depleted in 4 months, through looting. In just 4 months!!

This is mind numbing. The betrayal by the ruling party on a country with such high levels of unemployment and poverty evokes anger to an extent that can’t properly be put into words. You bunch of useless rat-faced, incompetent nincompoops doesn’t begin to cut it.

At a time when the country needed to band together; when the most vulnerable could have benefitted; self interest, thievery and heartlessness ruled.

The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed said someone much wiser than me.

You may be forgiven for needing a minute to process the shittyness that humans are capable of.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the intended content for this post. The original intention was to avoid morbid, depressing news including the actions of politicians. That plan backfired spectacularly.

The intended piece was meant to be of hope, normalcy. A literal masterpiece of course. There’s no coming back now. Thank the government for ruining one more thing.

Good news though!! The ruling party has setup commissions to investigate the missing money. 😏

Excuse me, I need to log off now, just threw up.

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