Mixed bag πŸ›„ βŒš

It’s been a while since my last post (translation: literary masterpiece, work of genius etc. etc. ).

Life happened since then and now (translation: trying to preserve sanity in a locked-down, screwed-up, devices-drawing- one-in-while-draining-one-out world).

Such a long time; I forgot the password to login to this platform πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

Looks like the visitor stats are still not working – a flatline of zero visits a day for weeks on end is shown 😏. I know this isn’t true WordPress – you can’t fool me. I imagine the many visitors; continously coming to the site; waiting, hoping, for more of the profound wisdom that is seldom to be found on these pages.

So… now that I’m here… not sure what exactly to say. Rule number 1 when writing a post (that I just made up) never admit to not having anything to say.

Umm, I seen a white tiger last week (true story), it wasn’t on Google search either, not that I Google search tiger pics, anyways…. probably deserves a seperate post.

Recently passed an exam, (my equivalent of surviving a war) – a hectic experience that has left me scarred – worthy of a seperate post to appreciate the considerable suffering endured.

I was the MC at a function about 2 months back 🀡; this was after I promised myself not to be the MC ever again after the first time I did this (and after the second time as well).

Covid protocols were followed for the function if you are wondering and it was at a more joyous time when the numbers were not as high as they are now in the second wave. Joyous for everyone minus one person standing with a mic at the front of the hall saying bad jokes.

Re-planted grass in my garden (not worthy of a post for sure) . The reason I needed to do it is because it got worn out with the number of people walking across it. That whole story is probably worthy of a book.

In other news, South Africa has a player in the EPL after a long time. He might sound like his English-Chinese but don’t let that trip you up.

How has your new year started off?

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