Not your average CKAD story 🗒️

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently wrote an exam to become Certified as a Kubernetes Application Developer.  (CKAD). It had been many, many - plus many more of the word 'many' - years since I last wrote a formal exam. I signed up for the course for a few of the reasons below:... Continue Reading →

Mixed bag 🛄 ⌚

It's been a while since my last post (translation: literary masterpiece, work of genius etc. etc. ). Life happened since then and now (translation: trying to preserve sanity in a locked-down, screwed-up, devices-drawing- one-in-while-draining-one-out world). Such a long time; I forgot the password to login to this platform 🤦‍♂️. Looks like the visitor stats are... Continue Reading →

Unlocked 🔓 and unravelled

I've been in lockdown for; checks notes; an eternity. South Africa has different lockdown levels. Level 5 was a full lockdown. Over time there has been a gradual easing of restrictions. We are currently on some variant of level 3, let's call it Level 3.3.78b - the unbanning of alcohol has been reversed, cigarettes are... Continue Reading →

Where there is 🔥

Where there is smoke, there is….. an illegal smoker. Possibly. That is, if you live in South Africa. Not some illicit drug being referred to here. The common cigarette is at the centre of a saga that has dragged on from the beginning of the country's lockdown. With a puff, the government instated legislation that... Continue Reading →

Make a diff✍️

Due to the corona virus, I haven't been writing on this platform for a while. I haven't contracted it thankfully; rather I avoided writing as I felt that writing about anything else would seem inconsequential. The speed in which events have unfolded - lockdowns, increases in infection rates, deja-vu from every apocalyptic movie ever seen;... Continue Reading →

Petty Beef ⚽ 🥩

The world is seemingly awash with questionable ethics, dubious actions and all manner of general shitty-ness. It seems as though when the tap containing blemished behaviour was turned on, people rushed forward and filled their containers to the brim. Yep, it's all dark and gloomy in here today, like the depths of Mordor… here's a... Continue Reading →

Cross Reading 🔃 📖

One of the main factors that led to the creation of this blog was the intention to use it as motivation for personal change. The rationale was that whatever efforts were being attempted from a learning, growing or positive habit establishment perspective would be documented; thereby spurring me on to continue / encouraging more positive... Continue Reading →

A Rose by Any Other…

In search of a new blog title, I ruled out Will Reblog all your Posts for Cash and My friends will Like your Social Media updates if you Pay me as possible options. They seemed slightly too long (and probably also violate some terms of service somewhere). The Champion ___ seemed like a winner; all... Continue Reading →

What’s in a əɯɐu?

In news that is designed to either shock, surprise, or cause complete indifference; comes a story about someone who lost a potential job offering based on…… her blog title (gasps) It gets darker; much darker dear friends; for the misunderstood title that the lady had chosen was called the Recovering Procrastinator (more gasps and confusion).... Continue Reading →

The Eagle’s Nest

Statement: Lets go for an outing… Somewhere outdoors, pool if possible, not too busy Response: Yeah!!, let's see who is in Question: where do we go? Action: search for places Realisation: Arendsnes is an option Action again: ignore realisation, search more frantically Suggestion: there is Arendsnes (eventually meekly made by someone from the search party)... Continue Reading →

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