How do you deal with bad customer service?

I awoke one Tuesday morning, a couple of weeks ago, to find that the overnight rain had made its way into the kitchen. A roof leak! I proceeded to call a handyman who operated in the area. For purposes of this post, he shall be referred to as Mr. Unreliable.  If this was a post... Continue Reading →

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A Rose by Any Other…

In search of a new blog title, I ruled out Will Reblog all your Posts for Cash and My friends will Like your Social Media updates if you Pay me as possible options. They seemed slightly too long (and probably also violate some terms of service somewhere). The Champion ___ seemed like a winner; all... Continue Reading →

What's in a əɯɐu?

In news that is designed to either shock, surprise, or cause complete indifference; comes a story about someone who lost a potential job offering based on…… her blog title (gasps) It gets darker; much darker dear friends; for the misunderstood title that the lady had chosen was called the Recovering Procrastinator (more gasps and confusion).... Continue Reading →

The Eagle's Nest

Statement: Lets go for an outing… Somewhere outdoors, pool if possible, not too busy Response: Yeah!!, let's see who is in Question: where do we go? Action: search for places Realisation: Arendsnes is an option Action again: ignore realisation, search more frantically Suggestion: there is Arendsnes (eventually meekly made by someone from the search party)... Continue Reading →

What impact have you made?

My parents worked very hard -  even though we were far from wealthy, they tried to ensure that my three siblings and I had everything we needed and more.   Some things were not possible though;  during my matric year (final school year), I was aware that there wouldn’t be funds for further studies.  I... Continue Reading →

The Why

I'm not entirely sure that there is a singular reason this site exists. Perhaps it is because of a combination of factors including: Getting older Although I still feel young (erm on some days) and my University days don't seem that far back - a quick calculation shows that it has been many years since... Continue Reading →

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